Career opportunities

At the start of your career search? 

If you are at the start of thing about your career you are doing the right thing – researching! Research is key. The FutureBot site will offer an overview of careers and informative articles.

Also reflect on what you enjoy studying and doing outside of the classroom. Talk to people in the sector and get hands on experience with work experience.

Check out the FutureBot career articles here.


Thinking about a career change

With the passing of time our goals, interests and motivations will change. Our experience gained may show different opportunities. Or you may have fallen out of love with what you do. Perhaps you were not in love with what you did in the first place? Maybe you feel motivated to start a business?

Use this site to help provide more information about the career opportunities. Start with our career focused articles.

If you are thinking about a career change, you may need to study. This site offers useful pointers. The FutureBot team can also provide you with bespoke support.

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