8 tips for choosing the right career for you

Don’t narrow your search. If you are currently at school, you may be studying a hand full of subjects and not been introduced to the many career routes out there. So, have an open mind and explore! This website offers overviews of careers, linking similar career routes where appropriate, and then delving deeper if you wish to find out more. It won’t take you long to have a look over several career options.

What do you enjoy doing? A famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” To work is something you have to do. If you do something you enjoy it no longer becomes work. So start with what you enjoy doing and see if there are careers which work with what you enjoy doing.

Do you have particular talents and strengths? 
If you do, maybe a job which utilises these strengths may be right for you. Also, they may be softer skills such as being confident and able to talk with people. May a career in sales and marketing is right for you?

How much will I get paid? 
May be an important factor for the career you choose. Look at online job boards to see what the general pay is. Note that there will be regional variations in salaries too.

Research, research and research some more. Use more than one source to find out about careers you may be interested in. With this website, we have sourced excellent websites to enhance the advice you get. Check out videos on youtube about potential careers and speak to people who are in those careers.

Work experience.
 Get a feel of the work environment by doing work experience. This also allows you to ask questions to those working in the area. Businesses in the same sector will vary so try doing more than one. Also, do not just rely on your school to help organise them. Work experience also shows potential employers that you are a self starter who is really interested in the career route being applied for.

Ensure you study the right course(s). Many careers will require you to have a foundation in a particular course or courses. Be sure to investigate what each job will need you to have and then plan the education route you beed to take.

Graduate jobs. If you are studying towards a particular career, research the graduate job opportunities. Many companies want to hire talented individuals following their university study. These can give you a head start on climbing the career ladder. Due to the accelerated opportunities these graduate jobs can offer they are extremely competitive.

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