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When thinking of careers in business you may think of business owners or leaders such as Sir Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and Karren Brady. The people we tend to think of are leading large businesses with a well known brand. However, the majority of business leaders and those in a management position do so in smaller, less know companies. In the UK,  the majority of businesses employing up are categorised as SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) where the larger of the group employ up to 250 employees.

There are many types of businesses out there from small to large which operate in a variety of business sectors. HSBC for example is in the financial sector, Google is in the technology sector, and Tescos in in the retail sector. These are examples of a large organisation. A smaller example of a business may be a marketing and design agency.  Also businesses will operate as profit making organistaions, not for profit or a charity. The UK is home to 5.5 million businesses with 99% being an SME.

If a business career is for you, you may already have a preference for the type of business and the sector that you would like to work within. What the above couple of paragraphs should suggest that there is huge scope to have a career within business, but not maybe to the same level as Virgin. However, Apple and Amazon to name a couple started as small business operations.

We haven’t yet looked into the many job roles within business. We touch more on the roles within business here.

Here are some summary stats:

  • There are over 5.5 million businesses in the UK.
  • Over 99% of businesses are Small or Medium Sized businesses – employing 0-249 people
  • 5.3 million (96%) businesses were micro-businesses – employing 0-9 people.
  • Microbusinesses accounted for 32% of employment and 19% of turnover.
  • The service industries accounted for 74% of businesses, 79% of employment and 72% of turnover.
  • The manufacturing sector accounted for 5% of businesses, 10% of employment and 15% of turnover.

Sectors businesses may operate in:


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