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Thought about studying abroad?

Studying abroad in Europe or further afield can offer superb opportunities both academically and for personal development. The experience can add a string to your bow as it is often seen as a positive by employers. It may also open doors due to contacts and connections made whilst studying overseas. Some positives: Free or low-cost tuition for UK students in European countries (will change come Brexit but many countries are likely to be significantly lower than fees paid for universities in England. English-taught courses are available where English is not…

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Teaching abroad

There are many opportunities to teach overseas from primary age and beyond. There are over 7,000 international schools around the world meeting the learning needs of over 3.5 million students, all using English as the language for learning. English-medium international schools are an increasingly significant sector for higher education international student enrolment. No longer are they simply the domain of expatriate children – approximately 2/3 of students will be local students.  English-speaking education is pursued as a means to acquiring a place at respected English speaking  universities. The lead country…

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Careers with the Military of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is the UK government department responsible for implementation of government defence policy and for the British Armed Forces. The MoD manages the day to day running of the armed forces, contingency planning and defence procurement. The military professional structure is embodied in the three single Services:  the Royal Navy, Army, and the Royal Air Force. Find out more about each by clicking on the below.   BRITISH ARMY   ROYAL NAVY   ROYAL AIR FORCE    

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