Answer here from FB post: Do you have a high creative IQ?

We recently posed the below on our Facebook page

The task is testing divergent thinking. A divergent thinker doesn’t look at the usual methods for working out a problem and will go in a different direction or off the accepted path to find a solution. 

If you struggled with this task you are more likely used to using convergent solutions by basing on more predetermined options.

So, did you work out the solution? 

You following the addition of the two numbers to give you the last digit(s). The initial digit comes by subtracting the initial numbers.

Thus, 7 + 4 = 311.
7 + 4 = 11.
7 – 4 = 3.
Join the two numbers with the final calculation going first:  3 to the 11 to give 311.

So the answer to 10 + 6 is 416.

If you got this correct and are thinking about future career options, why not think of careers that utilise your creative divergent skills, such as engineering and physics. You may not be keen on numbers, but many businesses including Tech companies like people who think out of the box!



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