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Thought about studying abroad?

Studying abroad in Europe or further afield can offer superb opportunities both academically and for personal development. The experience can add a string to your bow as it is often seen as a positive by employers. It may also open doors due to contacts and connections made whilst studying overseas.

Some positives:

  1. Free or low-cost tuition for UK students in European countries (will change come Brexit but many countries are likely to be significantly lower than fees paid for universities in England.
  2. English-taught courses are available where English is not the spoken language. Plus there are plenty of overseas options in countries where English is the lead language.
  3. Opportunity to learn and master another language which can help make you more attractive to employers.
  4. The experience of a new culture can have a positive impact.
  5. Depending where you study – opportunities to travel.
  6. Softer skills development including communication skills, increased confidence, more resilient and open minded.
  7. Many universities are keen to attract UK students, so there’s lots of support
  8. There can be good living/working rights dependent on the country (and how Brexit goes).
  9. Most degrees are recognised around the world (some restrictions on subjects though).
  10. Some country education systems offer a more options to studying broader subject areas than the UK which on the whole focuses in on a subject or subject or subject field.
  11. Opportunity to study  demand subjects in the UK.
  12. Employability can be improved. You may even look to work in the country you studied in.

The StudyFocusAbroad website offers a great resource for UK students looking to study abroad. In addition to the useful information on their site, the UK based business a UK based advisory company supporting UK students study abroad.


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