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Next steps following the UCAS January application deadline

You’ve met the January 2018 UCAS deadline. Well done! The endless amends of the personal statement are behind you. The many decisions about which university and course are behind you. The exciting next chapter of your life is ahead of you. Now is the time to concentrate on your current study. If you have your A-levels or equivalent, also try not to check your UCAS Track too often. From 15 Jan to end of March Your application will be with the university or universities you have chosen. On average a…

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Part-time or full-time study?

Where are you with your education and what are your circumstances? These will be the main points that will steer your decision on studying on a full-time or part-time basis. Other steers will be on the availability of certain courses at part-time level, and whether the level is a professional course as many of these are taught on a part-time basis (usually in the evening). Due to visa restrictions, international students are unable to study on a part-time basis. Undergraduate study In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the majority of…

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Choosing a degree course

Choosing the right course is the first thing you need to consider before the university.  If you are unsure which course to study let’s start by trying to answer the below questions. What subject do you enjoy studying? Which subject(s) are you good at? Do you have a career in mind? Some careers may require a particular degree. What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies and interets may align to future careers. See the below list of courses for ideas.  Within each subject area there are…

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